Big and Small Outdoor Sculpture Sites for Spring Open Studio 2017

Visit Seven Diverse Sculpture Parks and Gardens During May 27 & 28

by Martha Fitch

People who appreciate sculpture have a treat waiting for them this Spring Open Studio Weekend. There are seven sculpture sites that offer a range of materials, and artist visions. Four are located in Chittenden County, with one in Addison and one in Rutland County and one in Washington County.

Start in Jericho in the middle of the tour that combines the Spring Open Studio and Jericho-Underhill. Chris Cleary’s fascination with fire, stone, wood, words, and Steampunk metal sculpture is in evidence throughout the building and grounds in his studio home at 353 Browns Trace Rd in Jericho.

Cleary LIVE

Giant wooden letters are part of the WORD section of the sculpture garden.

The sculpture garden at On the Rocks Carving Studio features the original Word Garden, which is an interactive installation of stones with words carved into them, that can be arranged and rearranged into poetry and messages by the user.

Other highlights of the sculpture garden are 8 giant wooden letters (roughly 8ft tall), displayed as a word or words;

Cleary Spider

Steampunk inspirations can be seen in this welded metal spider.

Steampunk artifacts including two Submarines, a Jet Pack, a Spider, an Angler Fish, and an outdoor Shower on wheels; along with the usual displays of stone & copper sea grass, stone birdbaths and carvings. We’ll also feature fire breathing as part of the Open Studio festivities!

Next travel to Underhill at the home and studio of Gerry Stoner. Gerry says about his event, “Gerald K Stoner Sculpture at Underhill Ironworks will be presenting over 50 crafted welded steel sculptures for Spring Open Studio weekend from 10 am -5 pm. Explore the sculpture fields at my studio and residence in beautiful Underhill, Vermont just twenty-five minutes from Burlington, VT.”

Stoner Sculpture

Gerry Stoner’s sculpture in the field near his studio.

Travel west to Leslie Fry’s house and studio located in Winooski at 48-B Elm St. “My sculpture garden is in Winooski, a working-class, multi-national resettlement community. For 26 years, I’ve planted and shaped the environment outside my studio into a fantastical landscape where my outdoor sculptures go through seasonal changes.” During Open Studio Weekend you do not need to make an appointment to view sculpture.


Leslie’s garden in winter.


Lovely organic shapes are the newer additions to the garden.

After leaving Leslie’s studio, travel south on Rte 7 to Shelburne and to Falls Rd on the right. Continue east on that road until you see large sculptures set into the field next to the road.

Donegan Finding Faith

“Finding Faith” by Donegan

“The Shelburne Pond Studios Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit is comprised of 6+ acres of open fields and rolling farmland displaying 20 sculptures by Vermont artists. The property is also home to the working studios of 13 artists in a large converted dairy barn. The site is open to the public.”



One of the sculptures presently at Lemon Fair, The Tiller by John Clements.

Back on Rte 7, travel to Middlebury and then east on Rte 30 and turn right onto Rte 74 and travel for 3 miles to the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park. The Lemon Fair sculpture park has a variety of 25 large outdoor sculptures. It is a special place because it sites large pieces of contemporary art in a rural setting. A mile long, mowed path brings you to all the pieces. Some of the sculptures are for sale and some are part of a permanent collection. Open Saturday and Sundays, May until November.


Another sculpture presently at Lemon Fair by Dennis Versweyveld.

Further south on Rte 4 in West Rutland visit the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center on the grounds of the Vermont Marble Company. Here is a video that introduces you to the site.

Barre:  The Sculpture City

Barre is home to a thriving granite sculpture community and includes several bike racks that incorporate sculpture. Studio Place Arts (SPA) is a nonprofit community center for the visual arts located in historic downtown Barre that serves thousands of community members around central and northern Vermont.  SPA is committed to reaching out to bring all members of the community into its facility to become creators of art, and to view exciting contemporary artwork.

10-18-16 children at zipper pull cropped

Brothers enjoy Chris Miller’s sculpture “Unzip the Earth” sited next to SPA.

A group of talented studio artists work on the second and third floors at SPA. SPA makes available its Art Stroll map to describe the outstanding examples of stone sculptures sited around downtown Barre.  The Art Stroll map corresponds to a slide show with sculpture images at the SPA website.  [Go to; click at “Visit” and scroll down.]

8-30-11 GC on his Granite Chair 8x10

Sculptor Giuliano Cecchinelli II after completing his granite easy chair called “Daddy’s Chair.” This sculpture is sited in front of SPA.

For more information, directions, downloadable maps and pictures with other sites in the Spring Open Studio tour go to our map and directions page.

For a google map of all sites go here.