A New Way to Tour for Open Studio Weekend #1 10/1 & 10/2

Let’s Play Open Studio Weekend Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral!

by Elissa Campbell

There are easily as many ways to plan a studio tour as there are artist studios. Some people choose to focus on a specific medium, while others visit studios located within a small geographic area.

Perhaps you’ve exhausted all of the options you can think of and you’re looking for something new. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Taking inspiration from the 1950’s game show Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?, we’re going to use this post to focus on artists who have animals in their business names.

Oh yeah, we’re going there.

All of these artists are participating in the first weekend of Open Studio Weekend, October 1 & 2. 10 to 5 each day. NOTE: Studio numbers correspond to numbers on our free Vermont Studio Tour Map. See it online at this link .

Snyder Platter small

A stoneware platter by Andy Snyder.

Studio #17: Located in Orwell near Sunset Lake, Andy Snyder of Mud Puppy Pottery creates work that is mud-based, but contains no actual puppies. He has a fascinating personal story, having worked as both a Member of the House of Representatives and as an employee of the Vermont Department of Education. His work is both beautiful and functional, making one of his pieces the perfect gift for someone – maybe you? Plus, you’ll travel through some lovely Vermont countryside on the way to his studio.

Studio #32: Artist Jen Wiechers of Laughing Lizard Studio  is a double threat, working as both a jeweler and most recently as an encaustic painter. Her paintings include a variety of media, including resin, pigment, wax, and found objects. The layering process gives her work a fascinating depth. Jen is part of a great network of artists in the Brattleboro area and will be showing her work at the glassblowing studio of Marta and Josh Bernbaum.


Jen Wiechers necklace

Studio #53: Andrea Trzaskos of Frog Song Designs came to pottery through her love of gardening. She had a creative journey that many artists experience – she started in the craft as a hobby and it became a business when her work took over her house. Andrea’s exquisite, hand built pieces often feature natural themes, including flowers and animals. Her studio is located in Bethel.

Andrea Trzaskos

Andrea Trzaskos carved peacock platter.

Studio #67: From his workshop in Worcester, Chris Eaton of Kingfisher Forge can hear the calls of his studio’s namesake bird coming from the nearby Winooski River. Chris is self-taught and his metal work ranges from sconces to furniture. It’s amazing what he can do with metal – his pieces are sculptural, graceful, and elegant.

Wrought iron hooks by Chris Eaton.

Wrought iron hooks by Chris Eaton.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this small taste of what awaits you during Vermont’s Fall Open Studio Weekend. You won’t regret visiting any of the studios participating in the event.

I wonder what the next blog post theme will be?