Southern Bennington to Windham – Choose From 21 Studios

Find maps and directions here.

Start in Readsboro at Readsboro Glass and travel east and north to visit a great variety of studios. For a downloadable map go to this link.

43. Readsboro Glass – Mary Angus and K. William LeQuier both work in glass but make very different art work.

Bill Lequier

Bill Lequier’s sculpture, Spiral Nebula.

Mary Angus

Mary Angus’s blown and carved glass perfume bottle.

44. Eric Sprenger Fine Woodwork – Wilmington, Eric’s individual design sense can be seen in all of his furniture.

Eric Sprenger

Table by Eric Sprenger

45. NEW – Wellman Farm – Plein Air Event and Exhibit – Leslie Brunn – Wilmington. Leslie has organized a group of artist who will paint “en plein air” at Wellman Farm. Visitors are invited to attend the event and view work on exhibit.

Leslie Brunn

Painting by Leslie Brunn “Mud Season”

After Wilmington, we skip up to Newfane and pick up the tour…

46. NEW Diane Echlin Ceramics – Newfane. Diane creates stoneware pottery and jewelry.

Diane Echlin

Echlin covered vessel.

47. Roger Sandes – Williamsville. Roger creates figurative paintings with symbols of life, fertility and repose.

Roger Sandes

Balancing Act – Acrylic on canvas, by Roger Sandes

48. Caryn King Studio – South Newfane.  Caryn King paints pictures of animals using mixed media. She also offers giclee’s of her paintings.

Caryn King

“Bull” a painting by Caryn King.

49. Matthew Tell Pottery – Marlboro. Matthew is a master potter who uses a wood-fired kiln to produce his work. The beauty of a wood fired kiln is that ash from the burning wood settles over the glazed ware and changes it so that each piece is unique. Besides being a past president of the Vermont Crafts Council, Matt has also participated in Spring Open Studio for over 20 years.

Matt Tell Pottery

Chattered Lotus Bowl by Matt Tell

50. JMB Glass – Josh and Marta Bernbaum, Marlboro. Josh and Marta both work with glass, each producing distinctive work.

 Josh Bernbaum

Blown glass vessels by Josh Bernbaum.

Marta Bernbaum

Blown glass beads and necklace by Marta Bernbaum.

51. Applewood’s Woodworking Studio and Gallery – David and Michelle Holzapfel, Marlboro. . David and Michelle both work with wood and produce sculpture, tables and other furniture using spalted wood and burls. Each artist begins with a particular piece of wood and proceeds from there to create the work. Michelle also works in fabric and paper. David is more of a sculptor than a cabinetmaker. See details on their website.

Michelle Holzapfel

Tartaruga. Sculpture by Michelle Holzapfel.

David Holzapfel

Wishbones, a table by David Holzapfel.

52. The Turnpike Road Pottery – Malcolm Wright, Marlboro. A life long potter and sculptor, Malcolm uses several kinds of clay and has cast some of his smaller ceramic sculpture in bronze. Not a production potter, Malcolm works both with hand building and with the wheel to produce unique pieces. Much of his work reflects his interest in Japanese pottery including pottery used in the tea ceremony.

Malcolm Wright

Ceramic Sculpture “White Form” by Malcolm Wright.

53. NEW Charles Townsend Landscape Artist, Marlboro Charles produces contemporary landscape paintings in oils and pastels.

Charles Townsend

Charles Townsend painting.

54. Jason E. Breen, Fine and Custom Woodwork – Brattleboro. Jason makes cabinetry, furniture, wood turning, and just about anything made of wood. Follow his process and see his custom furniture, each a story in design and build, at his blog.

Jason Breen

Shown here, Jason in his studio.

55. Ron Karpius, Brattleboro. Ron creates weathervanes, lanterns, and metal sculptures of animals and insects using copper and brass.

Ron Karpius

Shown, a metal sculpture of a heron, by Ron Karpius.

56. Center for Digital Art – Michel Moyse. Brattleboro. Michel Moyse is an artist, teacher and co-founder/director of the Center for Digital Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources and promoting filmmaking and videoart.

Michel Moyse

Example of Michel Moyse’s videoart.

57. Naomi Lindenfeld Clayworks, Brattleboro. Naomi Lindenfeld works with colored clay, carving forms to reveal colored layers and patterns. Her clay colors are blue, brown, peach, peacock, purple, raspberry, teal, turquoise, yellow, plum, or olive.

Naomi Lindenfeld

A tray showing the many lovely patterns and colors that Naomi uses.

58. Orchard Street Pottery – Walter Slowinski, Brattleboro. Walter works on the wheel and then alters his forms to create unique teapots, among other work. His teapots often have branch handles.

Walter Slowinski

One of Walter’s wonderful teapots.

59. Laughing Lizard Studio – Jennifer Wiechers. Brattleboro. Lately, Jen has been working with encaustics to create multi-layered and luminous paintings.

Jen Wiechers

An encaustic painting by Jen Wiechers.

60. Vermont Artisan Designs & Gallery 2 – Brattleboro. Find art work from over 250 American artists in this spacious gallery in downtown Brattleboro. The work shown include a large selection of Vermont artists. Vermont Artisan Design is also an information center for the Fall Open Studio Tour so stop in and pick up a map from the gallery.

61. Fulcrum Arts – Randi Solin and Natalie Blake. Brattleboro At this ceramic and glass art center, find a gallery and glass and ceramic work by Randi and Natalie, plus demonstrations in each studio. Year round classes are offered here as well.

NNatalie Blake and Randi Solin

Natalie Blake and Randi Solin, seen through the shelves in Fulcrum Arts gallery.

62. NEW Virginia Wyoming Pottery – Putney. Virginia Wyoming creates pottery for the home and garden using sturdy designs and bright glazes. She also takes custom orders.

Virginia Wyoming.

Earthenware planter by Virginia Wyoming.