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December 2018

Hello Vermont Visual Artists, Galleries and Art Centers,

I'm writing to encourage you to renew your membership in the Vermont Crafts Council and support the work we do to ensure that fine art and craft will thrive and continue to be a vital element of the creative economy of our state.

Here are a few highlights and dates to save for 2019.

Spring Arts Marketing Conference - for April 17 2019, Place TBD

This will also serve as a distribution day for Open Studio materials.

Celebrating 27 years of Spring Open Studio 2019 May 25 & 26

Results for Spring 2018

Celebrating Fall Open Studio 2019 October 5 & 6

Results for Fall 2018

What's New For 2019, our 29th Year?

Our goals list:

We need your help to meet these goals.

Fundraising! Last year we raised $7750 in donations, and $3000 in grants. This still doesn't give us the reserves that allow us to continue to shift from a fee-based budget to one that encompasses a diversity of funding sources. We want to avoid raising program fees or membership!

Help Us and Yourself Too

1. Don't wait until the last minute to register for Open Studio Weekend. The earlier we know you are on board, the better we can plan to promote you and the easier it is to encourage your neighbors to join the tour.

2. Tell your artist neighbors about us. Or tell us about your artist neighbors - we will send them an information packet.

3. Make a Donation. If we have helped you in the past year, please give back to us! Any donation is tax deductible.

4. Buy an Ad in the Vermont Studio Tour Guide. You can get a lot of exposure for $160 and this gives us more promotion dollars to spend. Plus $160 for a four color ad, design services are free - such a deal.

5. Upgrade to an Enhanced Page. 77% of visitors to the site are looking at member pages! For as little as $5 - $8 a month you can add images and text to your member page on our website and take advantage of this fact.

Here's what our members say:

"Joining the Vermont Crafts Council is one of the first things I did when I returned home to Vermont and started my business. The VCC has been a great advocate and tool for me to grow my Glass Studio/Gallery over the past 13 years."

"Vermont Open Studio has been very successful for us. We have a substantial mailing list, and we are always amazed at how many people come to our studio from across the country with map in hand. We would never be able to reach some of these people on our own."

"The VCC serves such a variety of needs for craftspeople across Vermont, and most importantly, it turns us into a community."

We work out of a tiny office, with a part time staff and a volunteer board of directors (all of whom manage their own arts businesses). Please help us continue into our 29th year of work for the Vermont visual arts community. Renew your membership today!


Martha Fitch, Executive Director


Vermont Crafts Council - PO Box 938 - Montpelier VT 05601, (802) 223-3380

Location: 104 Main St, Suite 4, Montpelier

VCC Board: President - Elissa Campbell, Vice President - Jessica Putnam- Phillips, Treasurer and Secretary- Andrea Trzaskos. Steve Bronstein, Andy Snyder, Jason Breen and Aaron Ingham.