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December 2020

Hello Vermont Crafts Council Members,

What a year it has been for all of us!

As an organization we responded by making the jump to Zoom presentations and meetings, and to a virtual Spring Open Studio Weekend, one of the first 2020 events to be cancelled and moved online. Without a doubt, we would not have survived without your support and Covid-19 relief money.

Our community has seen the skyrocketing importance of online sales and virtual customer communications. The pandemic has spurred us to add sales platforms to our websites and embrace social media promotion that we may have considered nonessential in the past. Now this has become one the remaining ways to connect with consumers. It is clear that whatever happens in 2021, we will not go back to the old "normal" but will incorporate the learning of this plague year in our relationships with our community members and those who purchase our art work.

We hope you will join us as we go forward into whatever unfolds.


Everything stays the same, Basic Membership $75. With six image enhanced page $175. See Your Choices for more information.


Major Covid -19 Changes

With the vaccine now arriving in Vermont and across the country, we are cautiously optimistic that by the end of May, it will be possible to present Spring Open Studio safely with precautions. We will make a final decision about this by April 1st at the latest.

Maps & Listings 2021

If timing allows, we will produce a version of the map booklet as we've done in the past. We will create a virtual map with listings and post it on our website. Ads will also be available on the site and similar to the Buy Vermont Art ads. We will likely produce an online component, as we did in 2020, for those who wish to be involved but don't want to open their studios.

Posters and Signs will be produced and distributed as usual.

Fees will remain at $130.


We will refund all but $30 deposit on Open Studio fees, if we cancel both the virtual and in-person event. We will make a final decision by April first. See Open Studio registration for more details.

Spring Marketing Conference and Annual Meeting

This will happen in April, via zoom, program to be determined. This will be free for members with a fee for non-members.

Ways You Can Support Us

1. Don't wait until the last minute to register for Open Studio Weekend. The earlier we know you are on board, the better we can plan to promote you specifically and the easier it is to encourage and coordinate with your neighbors to join the tour.

2. Make a Donation. If we have helped you in the past year, please give back to us! Any donation is tax deductible on 2020 taxes if made before the end of the year.

3. Buy an Ad in the Open Studio Tour Guide (online or print) -- You can get a lot of exposure for $160 and this gives us more promotion dollars to spend.

4. Upgrade to a Six Image Enhanced Page -- Seventy seven percent of visitors to the site are looking at member pages! For as little as $8 a month you can add six images and text to your member page on our website and take advantage of this fact. See details below.

YOUR CHOICES (Condensed Version below, full version here)

Membership Picture Options

All Members - A web page with an image and contact information including links to social media accounts, on our website.

Six Image Enhanced Page - $100 Additional charge. Six images, captions and 100 words of text appear on your member page. Thumbnails of the images will also load in the gallery section. The thumbnail images will open your member page where all six larger images, captions and text will be shown. The fee above is an annual fee. Images can be changed at any time.

Open Studio Participation Categories

A. Artist Studio. My site is my studio.
B. Guest Artist Plus. I'll be a guest at someone else's studio/gallery but I want my own listing number.
D. Gallery, Exhibit, Art Center. May or may not host artists. If hosting many artists who don't register with us, choose Hub Site.
E. Hub Site. Hosting a group of artists not registered individually. You are required to send us the contact information of the artists who will exhibit at your site.