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1. Q: How soon after I become a member will I see my page up on the website?

A: It depends on the time of year. From December through May, we are frequently updating the site. Usually, we wait until we have a number of new members before we do a whole site update. In rare situations where we really can't act on your request within a month (usually between June and September), we will let you know.

2. Q: When and how often can I make changes to my membership page?

A: You can change your images at any time, and as many times as you want.

3. Q: How soon will changes appear on my member page?

A: Sometimes changes appear relatively quickly, like adding or changing web address, e-mail, phone, or physical address. Adding an enhanced page may have to wait for a website update.

4. Q: Why do some people have more than one listing?

A: They pay an additional $20 per listing.

5. Q: Why do some people have more images that load in the gallery section?

A: Some members have more than one listing, each with a different thumbnail image or they may have a five image enhanced page. All enhanced page images appear as thumbnails in the gallery section. Enhanced pages have an additional fee attached.

6. Q: My work falls into more than one category. Why do you require me to choose one medium?

A: This is a purely practical restriction. Our website is built from a database of individual records, so in order to have more than one page on the website, we need more than one record which means more administrative work. You can be listed more than once if you pay an additional $20 for each new listing.

7. Q: What if I am a member but don't want an enhanced page now? Can I add one during my membership year and what will the fee be?

A: You can add an enhanced page at any time during the year. The fees will be $55 for a one inmage enhanced page and $100 for a five image page. Please read "Your Choices" for all the details.


8. Q: Will I get a notice in the mail when it is time to renew my membership?

A: You will get an e-mail from us, and you will get a Statement/Renewal Notice in November along with an Open Studio application on paper, which you can keep until the right month.

9: Q: Can I renew online?

A: Yes. You can use your credit card to renew using PayPal from our site.


10. Q: How do I send images for my enhanced page or for thumbnails?

A: We prefer high quality jpegs (.jpg) small enough to e-mail. You can send any picture file, jpg, TIFF, etc, but try to keep the size below 1 MB. Not good would be pictures embedded in Word documents. Of course you can always mail me a photo or a slide with SASE enclosed.