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Town Hill Pottery

Porcelain and Stoneware Pottery

Town Hill Pottery is the combined studios of potters, Aysha Peltz and Todd Wahlstrom. They show their work in galleries locally and nationally and in their own Tradewind Gallery, a converted, vintage, Airstream trailer. On Thanksgiving and Memorial Day weekends they host an open studio.

Wahlstrom's pots are made from either a dark stoneware or a porcelain like clay and have richly patterned and glazed surfaces. They are conceived with use in mind and meant to function both visually and actually inside the very specific context of the home. They reveal their subtleties of weight, balance, touch and detail through use and over time.

Peltz's pots are porcelain. They are wheel thrown and altered while the clay is wet imparting a soft, fluid quality to the finished pieces. She abstracts pottery form, surface and volume, relying on the familiarity of the pot to invite the viewer to discover layers of reference.

  • Tradewind Gallery Interior