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Marcia Rosberg

Paintings, Oils, Acrylic, Pastel,

My work is inspired by nature, I have a deep spiritual unity and affinity to the wilderness and all of nature. I am drawn to the solitude and mystery of the forest and the primordial world it represents. This is the vision that I try to convey in much of my work.

My work takes many forms, from traditional landscapes, the animal kingdom, still life to surreal forest scenes with symbolism and bright colors.

I work in oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, pencil and collage.

  • Forest Brook - Oil on Canvas
  • Forest Spirits - Oil on Canvas
  • Nest Innovations lll - Oil on Linen
  • A New Spring - Oil on Canvas
  • A Walk in the Forest - Oil on Canvas
  • Healing Waters - Oil painting