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Kingdom Moon Rugs

An enduring workhorse of American decor, the braided rug remains largely unexplored as a surface for artistic expression. I seek to challenge limited notions of what a braided rug can be through experimental designs that range from swirling galaxies to pastoral Vermont landscapes to staid ionic columns.

I never graph out my designs. For me, the colors, pattern and scale of new and recycled plaids, checks and tweeds suggest elements of a composition and provide depth and texture. All of my rugs are intended for use on the floor; and I rely on the traditional construction techniques to assure the rugs' durability

Contemporary Braided Wool Rugs

Delsie Hoyt
3428 Middlebrook Rd
Fairlee VT 05045
(802) 333-9717

Teaches: Children, Adults

Teaching Formats: Lectures, Workshops, Classes

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