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Kim Eng Yeo

Watercolors, Flowers, Still Life and Landscapes

"My watercolors are journeys of visual discovery and I invite the viewer to share these moments with me, to derive pleasure from and to reflect upon, the transient beauty of Nature." Kim Eng Yeo

  • Lotus 1, 30 x 22 inches, watercolor
  • Fish in Lotus Pond 2, 30 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Orchid 17 40 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Riverbank 20 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Splendid Isolation 18 x 24 inches, watercolor

Teaches: Adults

Teaching Formats: Private Lessons

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Kim Eng Yeo
PO Box 217, 628 Peaked Mountain Rd
Townshend VT 05353
(802) 365-4521