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Kim Eng Yeo

"My watercolors are journeys of visual discovery and I invite the viewer to share these moments with me, to derive pleasure from and to reflect upon, the transient beauty of Nature." Kim Eng Yeo

Watercolors, Flowers, Still Life and Landscapes

Kim Eng Yeo
PO Box 217, 628 Peaked Mountain Rd
Townshend VT 05353
(802) 365-4521

Teaches: Adults

Teaching Formats: Private Lessons

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  • Lotus 1, 30 x 22 inches, watercolor
  • Fish in Lotus Pond 2, 30 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Orchid 17 40 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Riverbank 20 x 51 inches, watercolor
  • Splendid Isolation 18 x 24 inches, watercolor