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Sweet Enemy Art

Illustrative Painting, Fantastic Animals

Kristin Richland acquired her BFA in painting at the Maine College of Art. Primarily a painter, she uses a variety of media and is eclectic in her approach to each. Animal imagery is a constant theme through her work.

"With mythology from several cultures as my starting point, I use animals as the characters in my paintings. Animals are so entwined in our subconscious that many people instinctively identify with at least one or more species. This identification and our common connection through stories allows me to convey emotions and ideas far more readily than I would using human images."

  • work by Vermont Crafts Council Member Kristin Richland


Teaches: Children, Adults

Teaching Formats: Workshops, Private Lessons

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Kristin Richland
52 Maple Ridge Rd
Underhill VT 05489
(802) 899-2621