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Judy B. Dales

Judy's designs range from exotic abstracts to stylized renderings of images from nature. She works mostly with commercial printed fabric, a unique and challenging raw material that is appealing and beautiful in its own right. Each design is drawn and refined until every shape and curve is pleasing. It is imperative that the drawings be exactly replicated when translated to fabric, so Judy developed a method of pattern making and construction to accomplishes this. The piecing technique gives the work a clean, classic look that enhances the curves, but occasionally extra layers of transparent fabric soften the edges creating a subtle watercolor effect.

Art Quilts

Judy Dales
2254 Craftsbury Rd, PO Box 166
Greensboro VT 05841
(802) 533-7733


Teaches: Adults

Teaching Formats: Artist's Talks, Lectures

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  • Garden Pearls, © 2012 Judy B. Dales, 24 x 36 inches. An abstract pieced design evoking the lushness of a summer garden, the mystery and the gems to be discovered there.

  • Dream A Little Dream, © 2013 Judy B. Dales, 22 x 28 inches. Dreams, especially daydreams, can be nonsensical, significant of absolutely nothing, but lovely nonetheless: color, shape and texture creating a dream of loveliness.

  • Musical Spheres, © 2012 Judy B. Dales, 24.5 x 25.5 inches. When I look at these dancing circles, I can hear the music.

  • Floral Form IV, © 2011 Judy B. Dales, 30 x 38 inches. White is one of my favorite colors, especially as it appears in a tiny wildflower - a flash of sparkling white in a sea of greens.

  • Lush Leaves, © 2011, Judy B. Dales, 20 x 26 inches, Lush leaves emerging from the warm earth epitomize the tenacity and energy of all life forms.
  • Artist's Talks, Lectures