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Helen Dillon

Each of my serigraphs is an original, hand printed in my Granville Vermont studio. Only one color is printed at a time, and a separate screen is required for each color. Each color must be completed on every print in the edition before subsequent colors can be applied. The solvent based inks are impervious to sunlight and humidity.

My art is inspired by the changing of the seasons and the diversity of landscape in Vermont, by the broad expanses of sea, shore, and sky of Cape Cod and Maine.

Characterized by clean lines and pristine colors, my serigraphs present a unique interaction of form and interplay of color.

Original Silkscreened Prints

Helen Dillon
660 Town Line Rd
Granville VT 05747
(802) 767-3615

  • Daylilies, 14" X 20" $95.00

  • Winter Grazing, 14" X 20" $110.00

  • Spring, North Road, 18" X 23" $125.00

  • Summer Wash, 14" X 20" $95.00

  • Seven Sisters, 18" X 24" $125