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Ellen W. Questel

My pastels have two main sources of inspiration: the shifting beauty of the natural landscape and the sensuous lure of the pastels themselves. Although I love to paint the landscape and am inspired by nature, I am not primarily interested in naturalism, but rather in representing what has moved me about a particular scene and exploring how to translate this feeling into line and color. Soft pastels are ideally suited for my‚ÄĘpurposes: the crystalline structure of the pure pigments reflect and refract the light, resulting in a luminosity and richness of color.

Lyrical, Evocative, Pastel Landscapes

Ellen Questel
1176 Sandgate Rd
Arlington VT 05250
(802) 375-6735


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  • Whisper
    21 inches x 18 inches

  • Summer Gold
    10 inches x 15 inches

  • Summer Marsh
    14 inches x 21 inches

  • Blue Moon on the Coast, Pastel, 18 inches x 24 inches

  • Evening Road Trip, Pastel, 16 inches x 21 inches