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Birds of Vermont Museum

Natural history meets art at this one-of-a-kind Vermont treasure.

Breeding birds in nests, raptors overhead, long wetland dioramas, and changing special exhibits connect science and art. More than 500 life-like woodcarvings in realistic habitats share Vermont birds with you. Observe wild birds though a one-way window or from our accessible treehouse. Wander trails over 100 acres, discover Vermont artists, browse our gift shop, enjoy a bird-friendly garden, or attend a program for children or adults. Take advantage of our quiet location to be inspired by Bob Spear and others.

Open daily May 1 - Oct 31 and by appointment.

Bird Carvings, Community Art Gallery

Erin Talmage, Director
900 Sherman Hollow Rd
Huntington VT 05462
(802) 434-2167

Teaches: Adults

Teaching Formats: Lectures, Workshops

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  • The entrance to the museum.

  • Ruby Throated Hummingbird carved by Bob Spear and photographed by Caleb Kenna.

  • Breeding Bird Atlas exhibit - work by Colin Walsh, Shannon Morrison, Susi Ryan, and Janice Bauch.

  • A carved Killdeer is painted during a class.

  • Detail of a Whip-poor-will