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Frog Song Designs

Handbuilt, Handcarved, Functional Stoneware

A gardener first, Andrea Trzaskos came to clay with a love for working with her hands in dirt and a passion for the outdoors that her life in Vermont continues to nurture. Her clay work allows a continuing exploration of the themes that shape and inspire her - nature and natural beauty, wind, water, movement, flight, stillness.

Andrea's work ranges from functional tableware to decorative sculpture and wall art. She hand builds each piece, then sculpts or carves surface designs, always working freehand so that every piece is one-of-a-kind.

  • Swallows, Freeform Bowl
  • Dancing Cranes, 15 inch Platter
  • Dragonflies, 13 inch Platter
  • Magnolias, 10 inch Platter
  • Poppies, 8 inch Plate