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Spring Arts Creativity Conference 2018

Presented by the Vermont Crafts Council

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Wednesday, April 25, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Langevin House, Randolph Center, VT


And How To Tell It Well


Jessica Putnam-Phillips


Ken Millman

How to find our stories and how to share them are critical skills to add to our toolbox.

Join us at Langevin House on the Vermont Technical College campus, for this day filled with instruction and tips from professional artists about the importance of focusing on and telling your story effectively, using the many digital promotional tools now available.


Wrought iron hook by Steve Bronstein

Steve Bronstein: "People come to me for a hook to hang their coat when a nail will do the job just as well. Why do they choose to spend more money on an item that does not do the job any better? Because my hook has a better story. It comes with the story of the blacksmithing tradition. It comes with the story of how I came to be a blacksmith. It comes with the story of how I made the piece. And finally, it comes with the story of my relationship with the person who has come into my shop in search of this item. These stories are critical to why we create and why people want to take our creations home."

Conference Schedule

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Registration

9:00 a.m.- 10:15 a.m. Vermont Crafts Council Annual Meeting - Open to All

Board members will announce the Council's projects for 2018 and review the projects of 2017. Join us as we welcome new members to the board.

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Keynote Presentation - Panel Discussion on Telling Your Story Well.

Panelists: Becca Webb, Steve Bronstein, Sally Stetson, Elissa Campbell.

12:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. Delicious Lunch With Vegetarian Options

1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. Afternoon Sessions (A & B run concurrently and repeat)

2:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. Break (Pick up Open Studio Materials)

2:45 p.m. - 4:00. p.m. Afternoon Sessions (A & B run concurrently and repeat)

Afternoon Sessions:


Learn how to make your own tutorial videos for social media, live streaming or promotion. Jessica will show you how simple it can be in this step by step demonstration. All you need is a smart phone, tripod and the desire to share your knowledge with the world.


The title of this presentation describes the harsh reality of the marketing environment. People read, hear, watch, and share what interests them. Good marketing, branding and advertising creates a mood, engages emotion and stimulates response. This presentation helps DIY marketers craft and evaluate their messages, regardless of budget. It's a dynamic presentation in that it covers the key components of brand messaging, advertising and marketing, as well as encourages questions, conversation, and on-the-spot problem solving.

Our Seminar Presenters:

STEVEN BRONSTEIN: I have been a working blacksmith for almost 40 years. I primarily make home accessories and sell them through craft shops and galleries around the US. I also teach blacksmithing so that the tradition might continue. What has stood out for me, over the years, is the unique place handmade items have in our society. This is a topic that has long been interesting to me.

ELISSA CAMPBELL: Elissa Campbell has been working as an arts and technology consultant for the past 7 years under the business name of Blue Roof Consulting and as a professional bookbinder for the last 18 years under the business name of Blue Roof Designs. Elissa is currently serving on the boards of the Vermont Crafts Council and the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. As a self-professed computer geek, she has a strong interest in helping artists to embrace technology to further their businesses.

KEN MILLMAN: Be different or don't bother is Ken's motto. Ken was born in Montreal, got his BA from Carleton University in Ottawa, and started Sp!ke Advertising in Burlington, in 1998. Ken is a strategist, creative director, writer, producer and project manager who likes to add sparkle, daring and fun to a profession that by its nature is full of stress and pressure. He also conducts branding workshops based on his BrandcensusSM program, coaches marketing departments on best practices, and formally speaks on all things marketing at conferences and meetings. Ken has taught marketing classes at the college level, was the first tweeter for @ThisIsVT, and is a high school softball umpire.

SALLY STETSON: Sally Stetson has managed her business Sally Stetson Design in Stowe, Vermont since 1990. Her main focus is graphic design of all sorts. She spent ten years creating and selling silkscreen prints through Art and Craft shows. Currently she balances a group of design clients for print, web and interior design work. With any free time she explores the world of abstract painting.

JESSICA PUTNAM PHILLIPS: Jessica Putnam-Phillips is a ceramic artist, USAF Veteran, illustrator and educator living in Vermont. She received her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston and her BA from UNC-Wilmington. She is a past resident artist at the Saratoga Clay Art Center and attended the residency at AIR Vallauris, France. She actively promotes ceramic art and education and recently founded ClayShare an online school for ceramic learning. Jessica's work had been national and international exhibitions, most notably at the Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles and the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona. She is a past winner of the Zanesville Prize and was named a potter to watch by C-File. In addition to giving workshops and maintaining her Vermont studio Battenkill Pottery, Jessica serves on the board of directors for the Vermont Crafts Council.

BECCA WEBB: Becca Webb is one half of Two Potters, the Bethel-based wood-fired pottery business she runs along with her husband, Nathan. She has been an Open Studio participant for eight years, and is a former member of the VCC board, as well as a member of the League of NH Craftsmen. She is a self-taught (and self-described) passionate nerd about craft marketing + branding + photography, all of which she does for Two Potters. Becca is a proud mom of two awesome kids, ages 2 and 4.


From I-89:

Take 1-89 to exit 4. Turn up hill toward Randolph Center. Follow Rte 66 to the left at the T. Pass Floyd's Store and turn right onto Furnace Rd. Follow Furnace Rd and turn right just before the Vermont Veteran's Cemetery. Langevin House will be on the left, a white building with plenty of parking.

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