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Anne Havel, Anne Havel, Enamel and Metal Jewelry

Bruce Baker, Jewelry, Sales, Marketing, Merchandising

Birch Pond Sculpture, Jack Chase, Metal Sculpture

*Blackthorne Forge, Steven Bronstein, Forged Sculptural, Functional Ironwork

Chris Lann Designs, Chris Lann, Contemporary Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

*Danforth Pewter Workshop and Store, Judi and Fred Danforth, Lincoln Candlestick and Federal Frame

Freedom Forge, John Pintello, Handforged Whimsical Garden Creatures

Gerald K. Stoner, Gerry Stoner, Whimsical, Graceful Welded Sculpture

Green Mountain Fire & Hammer, Mark Buik, Hand Forged Wrought Iron

Huntington River Smithy, Jim Fecteau, Custom Metalwork, Forgings

Jane Frank Jewelry Design, Jane Frank, Precious Metals, Gemstones

Kingfisher Forge, Chris Eaton, Custom Metalwork and Design

Kit's Jewelry, Kit Mosheim, Colorful Custom Gems, Precious Metal

*Lightwing Designs, Shawn & Ann Lester, Original Silver and Glass Jewelry

*Lucian Avery - Blacksmith, Lucian Avery, Blacksmith - Early American Hardware

Marion Mackenzie Stegner, Marion Stegner, Contemporary, Gold, Silver, Jewelry

Amy Morel, Steel and Wood Sculpture, Collage

Randy Adams, Randy Adams, Windblown Wire Tree Sculpture

Sage Jewelry, Michele Bargfrede, Handcrafted Jewelry, Pearls