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Links to Vermont Artisans - Clay

*Beth Armour, Beth Armour, Wheel Thrown Clay Vessels

Across the Grain Pottery, Sherry Corbin, Ceramic Raku Sculptures

*Blockhouse Studio, Pamela Day, Community Pottery Studio and Shop

*Brattleboro Clayworks, Billie Stark, Stoneware Pottery, School and Gallery

Clay Whistles, Mary Stone, Handformed, Musical, Clay Sculptures

Deborah Goudreau, Deborah Goudreau, Functional Pottery, Sculpture, Garden

Diane Echlin Ceramics, Diane Echlin, Stoneware Pottery and Jewelry

Abby Dreyer, Unique Handbuilt Ceramic Birdhouses

Fire and Fiber, Peter Evans, Hand Thrown Stoneware Pottery

Flint Brook Pottery, Deborah Van Ness, Handthrown Functional Stoneware Pottery

Form and Function Pottery, Jane Wojick, Functional and Sculptural Stoneware

*Frog Song Designs, Andrea Trzaskos, Handbuilt, Handcarved, Functional Stoneware

Gordon Rowe, Gordon Rowe, Functional Clay Sculpture

Grace and Evan Pottery, Grace Pejouhy, Evan Williams, Handmade Woodfired Stoneware Pottery

*Greenwood Pottery, Lucinda Smith

*Holly Walker Ceramics, Holly Walker, Hand Built Functional Pottery

Jeremy Ayers Pottery, Jeremy Ayers, Functional and Decorative Ceramics

*Luke Iannuzzi Pottery, Luke Iannuzzi, Decorative Pots and Functional Tableware

*Matthew Tell Pottery, Matthew Tell, Wood Fired Stoneware Pottery

*Maya Zelkin Pottery, Maya Zelkin, Woodfired Stoneware and Porcelain

*Meinhardt Design, Inc, Jean Meinhardt, Contemporary Porcelain, Microcrystalline Glaze

*Mud Puppy Pottery, Andy Snyder, Functional, Artistic Pottery

*Naomi Lindenfeld Clayworks, Naomi Lindenfeld, Colored Clay Pottery

Noel Bailey Ceramics, Noel Bailey, Functional High-fire Porcelain

Orchard Street Pottery, Walter Slowinski, Woodfired, Salt-glazed, Functional Ceramics

Pizzazz Pottery, Caren Helm, Functional Stoneware, Home Decor

The Potter Stone, David Stone, Burnished Earthenware, and Stoneware

Rend'l Pottery, Irene Lederer LaCroix, Raku and Saggar-fired, Pottery, Sculpture, Tiles

*Rising Meadow Pottery, Nicholas Seidner, Diane Rosenmiller, Wood/Salt/Soda-fired Utilitarian Pottery

Robert Compton Pottery, Robert Compton, Handthrown Woodfired Pottery

*Romulus Craft, Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson, Thrown/Hand built Contemporary Porcelain

Sandy Pond Studios, Sandy Pond, Sculpture, Bowls, Small Vessels

*Smith-Hunter Studio, Susan Smith-Hunter, Ceramic Sculpture, Planters

*Starbird Pottery, Julie Keller, Functional Stoneware Pottery

Stratford House Pottery, Stacey Stanhope Dundon, Pottery, Paintings, Landscapes, Tiles

*SWD Potteryworks, Susan Dunning, Functional Stoneware, Attractive Glazes

Town Hill Pottery, Todd Wahlstrom, Aysha Peltz, Porcelain and Stoneware Pottery

*Vermont Clay Guild, , Functional and Sculptural Clay

Vermont Pottery Works by Elaine Diamond, Elaine Diamond, Unique Sculptural and Functional Pottery

*Wellford Pottery, Polly Wellford, Functional Stoneware Pottery

*Wheelhouse Clay Center, Shari Zabriske, Classes, Events, Maker Space, Shop

*Zpots, Noelle VanHendrick, Pots for the People