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Links to Vermont Artisans - Central Vermont

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77ART, Bill Ramage

7th Circle Glass Works, Kendra Schpok

All Things Bright and Beautiful, Gaelic McTigue

The Alley Gallery, Bill Ramage

Angie Follensbee-Hall, Angie Follensbee-Hall

Annie Tiberio Photography, Annie Tiberio

Art at the Kent Museum, Nel Emlen

Art on Main, Annie Perkins

B & G Gallery, Bill Ramage

Bruce Baker

William Barnard

Basin Reclaimed, Molly Hornbeck Jesse Bilodeau

Bent Nails Studios, Aaron Ingham

Bev's Enamels, Beverly Shevis

Big Sky Farm Handweaving, Lee Greenewalt

*Blackthorne Forge, Steven Bronstein, Bronstein Text 2007

Blue Roof Designs, Elissa Campbell

*Bob Gasperetti, Furniture Makers, Bob Gasperetti, Gasperetti Text 2015

Bonnie's Bundles Dolls, Bonnie Watters

Brandon Artists Guild, George Reilly

Cabot Artisans Gallery, Lori Augustyniak

Cat Illustrates, Cathy Pratt

Gene Childers

*Collective - the Art of Craft, Nick Seidner, Collective Text 2011

*Joan Curtis, Curtis Text 2017

David Munyak, Wood Turner, David Munyak

*Deborah Holmes Watercolors, Deborah Holmes, Holmes Text 2018

The Den, Jenni Belotserkovsky

*Helen Dillon, Dillon Text 2016

*Dove In The Window, Alexis Kyriak

Joan Drew

Abby Dreyer

edie&glo, Kelly Hickey

Ellen Spring Painted Silk, Ellen Spring

Elm Harris, Erin Meharg Harris

*Fine Threads, Evelyn J. Gant, Gant Text 2013

Fire and Fiber, Peter Evans

Fire and Fiber, Debra Maloney-Evans

Fletcher Farm School For the Arts & Crafts, Susan Balch

Form and Function Pottery, Jane Wojick

Four Seasons Pottery, Mary Spencer

Fran Bull Studio, Fran Bull

Freedom Forge, Jon Pintello

*Frog Song Designs, Andrea Trzaskos, Trzaskos Text 2018

*G Felder... Hand Carved Bowls, Gene Felder, Felder Text 2018

*Gallery at the VAULT , Marilyn Miller, Vault Text 2018

*The Garage Cultural Center, Jodi Kelly, Garage Text 2019

Go Figure!, Christine Holzschuh

The Great Hall, Nina Jamison

*Green Mountain Hooked Rugs, Stephanie Allen-Krauss, Krauss Text 2018

Green Mountain Photography Exhibit, Gary Eckhart

*Hillcrest Adirondack Furniture, Richard Ducharme, Hillcrest Chairs Text 2015

*Holly Walker Ceramics, Holly Walker, Walker Text 2014

Janet Ressler Quilts, Janet Ressler

Jeffrey Gale Basketmaker, Jeffrey Gale

Jeremy Ayers Pottery, Jeremy Ayers

*John Lehet Fine Photography, John Lehet, lehet text 2014

Judith Reilly Gallery, Judith Reilly

*Karen Deets Stained Glass, Karen Deets, KDeets Text 2010

Sally Jenne Keefe

Kingdom Moon Rugs, Delsie Hoyt

Kingfisher Forge, Chris Eaton

*Klingler Woodcarving and Art Gallery, Kenneth J. Klingler, Klingler Text 2001-02

*Klingler Woodcarving and Art Gallery, Kenneth J. Klingler, Klingler Text 2001-02

L G Mansfield Artworks, Lisa Stickney

L. Koehler Pottery, Leslie Koehler

*Lightwing Designs, Shawn & Ann Lester, Lester Text 2016

Long River Gallery, Rachel Obbard

Loretta Languet Pottery, Loretta Languet DiMario

The Luminous Moose, Andy O'Brien

Mad River Glass Gallery, David and Melanie Leppla

*Mad Women in the Attic, Elga Gemst, Gemst Text 2015

Mary Fran Lloyd Art, Mary Fran Lloyd

*Maya Zelkin Pottery, Maya Zelkin, Zelkin Text 2009

Ann McFarren

Merwin Gallery, Tom Merwin

MF Paintings, Madeleine Fay

Mike Mayone Fine Art, Mike Mayone

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery, Gary Eckhart

Morrison Windsors, William Morrison

Mud Puppy Pottery, Andy Snyder

The Mud Studio, Michael Sullivan

Naturally Inspired, Kristine Myrick Andrews

Nature's Turn, LLC, Gerry Martin

Naught Hill Pottery, Grace Pejouhy, Evan Williams

Noel Bailey Ceramics, Noel Bailey

Norton's Gallery, Norton and Marlene Latourelle

Jayne Ollin

The Opera House Gallery, Bill Ramage

*The Oxford Rug Hooking School, Amy Oxford

Peter Huntoon Vermont Artist, Peter Huntoon

*Carrie Pill, Pill Text 2019

Pizzazz Pottery, Caren Helm

The Potter Stone, David Stone

*Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams, Ravenhorst-Adams Text 2010

*Rich DeTrano Woodturner, Rich DeTrano, DeTrano Text 2011

*Rising Meadow Pottery, Nicholas Seidner, Diane Rosenmiller, Rising Meadow Text 2011

Robert Compton Pottery, Robert Compton

Robert O'Brien Watercolors, Robert J. O'Brien AWS

Robinson Whistles, Delia Robinson

Romulus Craft, Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson Jeanne Bisson

Brigette Rutenberg

S. B. MacDonald Custom Instruments, Scott MacDonald

Sandy Pond Studios, Sandy Pond

Sculpturebird Studios, Ellen Kucera

Karen Seward

Shattuck Studio and Gallery, Carolyn Shattuck

Sissy's Kitchen, Sissy Hicks

Sprout Industry Designs, Kelly O'Hearn

Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill, Erika Schmidt

Stragnell Art, R Sanford Stragnell

Sunrise Hill Farm and Crafts, Ruth Ticknor

*SWD Potteryworks, Susan Dunning, Dunning Text 9-07

*Trillium Art & Beyond, Yinglei Zhang, Zhang Text 2012

True Water Gallery, Molly Hawley

*Tsuga Studios, Nicholas Kekic, Tsuga Text 2011

*Twin Elms Studio, Hallie Monroe, Monroe Text 2019

Two Potters: Becca and Nathan Webb, Becca Webb

Valley Arts VT, Gary Eckhart

*Vermont Floorcloths and Fiber Arts, Sandy Ducharme, SDucharme Text 2015

Vermont Folk Rocker, Jim Geier

Vermont Gallery of Folk Art, Warren Kimble

Vermont Hats, Maria Nitzsche

Wander On Words, Colleen Wilcox

Waterfall Quilts, Kathie Alyce

White River Craft Center, Kevin Harty

Phil Whitman

Windrush Design Studio, Ruth Anne Barker

Yestermorrow Design Build School,

*Ziemke Glassblowing Studio, Glenn Ziemke, Ziemke Text 2001-05