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Julie Y. Baker Albright, Oil Paintings, Classical Realism

Amazing Vermont Photography Gallery, Jonathan Hart, Photographic Prints, Art, Cards

*Anne Cady Paintings, Anne Cady, Vermont Landscapes, Colorful Paintings

Annie Tiberio Cameron Photography, Annie Tiberio Cameron, Fine Art Photography

*Louise Arnold, Landscape Painting

*The Art of Mylissa Kowalski, Mylissa Kowalski Davis, Vermont Landscape and Wildlife Paintings

Mary Procter, Bill Matuszeski, Acrylic Landscapes

Brickhouse Studios Inc, John Churchman, Fine Art Photo Illustration

Bryn Meadow Farm Studio, Elysabethe James, Watercolors of Farm Life Action

*Caryn King Studio, Caryn King, Paintings of Animals, Prints

*Catharine Stockbridge, Cath Stockbridge, Pointillist Paintings, Portraits, Pastels

Center for Digital Art, Michel Moyse, Art and Video Art

Charles Townsend Landscape Artist, Charles Townsend, Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Christine Orcutt Henderson,

Christine Orcutt Henderson, Christine Orcutt Henderson, Acrylic Paintings of Landscape and Horses.

Claire Payne Studios, Claire Payne, Fine Arts Studio

Tony Conner, Original Watercolor Paintings

*Joan Curtis, Mixed Media Artwork

*Daryl V. Storrs Artworks, Daryl Storrs, Jewelry, Woodcuts and Pastels

*Helen Dillon, Original Silkscreened Prints

Kelly Doyle, Vivid Paintings, on Repurposed Textiles

Darlene Eisenhuth, Found Object Art

*Ellen W. Questel, Ellen Questel, Lyrical, Evocative, Pastel Landscapes

*Fiona Cooper Fenwick Studio / Gallery, Fiona Cooper Fenwick, Pastel and Oil Paintings

Flying Canvas Studio, Jeanette Staley, Whimsical Art for the Home

Gail Salzman Studio, Gail Salzman, Oil Paintings, Monoprints, Drawings

Green Hill Studio, Erika Schmidt, Contemporary, Unique Printmaking and Collage

Greg Moschetti, Painter, Greg Moschetti, Landscape Paintings

Halex Designs, Debba Pearce, Impressionistic and Representational Pastels, Landscapes

Hasso Ewing, Clay Artist, Hasso Ewing, Ceramic Sculpture

Hermitage Gallery, Marina Epstein, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Prints

Ailyn Hoey, Charcoal, Oil and Pastel Landscapes.

Ink in The Blood Press, Rhonda Ratray, Printmaking, Screenprint, Stencil, Letterpress

*Jen Violette, Jennifer Violette, Expressive Acrylic Painting

*Jessica Scriver Studio, Jessica Scriver, Map and Landscape Explorations

*Jim Samler Art, Jim Samler, Colorful Impressionistic Wildlife and Landscapes

*John Lehet Fine Photography, John Lehet, Archival Fine Art Photographs

Josh Axelrod Photography, Josh Axelrod, Fine Art Photography Studio

Katrina Allen Art, Katrina Allen, Vibrant, Nature-inspired Abstract Paintings

Sally Jenne Keefe, Original Drawings, Prints and Cards

Ken Leslie, Ken Leslie, Paintings, Artist's Books, Mixed Media

Lisa Kent, Hand painted Ceramics, Pastel Paintings

Krinshaw Studios, Vanessa Compton, Collage, Illustration and Fashion

*Laughing Lizard Studio, Jen Wiechers, Encaustics, Jewelry, Paintings, Mosiacs

Lemon Fair Sculpture Park, Elaine Ittleman, Monumental Sculptures

*Les Fleurs du Monde, Hack Bushweller, Digital Compositions, Photography, Flowers

*Lesley Heathcote Studio, Lesley Heathcote, Pastels of Birds, Animals, Landscapes

Leslie Fry, Leslie Fry, Works on Paper, Sculpture

Low Mileage Art, (michael smith), Colorful, Whimsical, Contemporary Acrylic Paintings

May Day Studio, Kelly McMahon, Quirky Paper Goods, Letterpress

McBride & Rosser Studio, Robert McBride, Phyllis Rosser, Dynamic Abstract Paintings and Sculpture

Ann McFarren, Paintings - Oil and Watercolor

Merwin Gallery, Tom Merwin, Landscape-based, Contemporary Abstract Paintings

MF Paintings, Madeleine Fay, Paintings, Oil, Watercolor, Pastel

Mike Mayone Fine Art, Mike Mayone, Paintings, Prints, Cards and Lessons

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery, Gary Eckhart, Watercolors, Photography, Giclees, Gallery

Mt Anthony Studio, Jean A Darmer, Theorem Painting, American Period Art

Norma Jean Rollet, Norma Jean Rollet, Paintings and Handcut Woodent Puzzles

Noumena Designs Photography and Fine Art Printing, Kent Scrivener, Photography, Fine Art Printing

Patricia de Gogorza, Patricia de Gogorza, Sculpture, Carving in Stone, Wood

Patty Sgrecci - Mobiles and More, Patty Sgrecci, Kinetic Sculpture, Hanging Mobiles

Peter Huntoon Vermont Artist, Peter Huntoon, Original Watercolor Paintings of Vermont

Pika Works, Joan MacKenzie, Whimsical Animals, Colorful Paintings

Bill Ramage, Life Sized Drawings, Pencil and Mixed Media

*Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams, Original Watercolors, Pastels, Oils

Newbury Artists, Linda Bryan, Vintage to Traditional Photography

*Rhonda Zoch, Rhonda Zoch, Painting, Textiles, Mixed Media and Ceramics

Robert O'Brien Watercolors, Robert J. O'Brien AWS, Watercolor Paintings, Landscapes, Flowers

*Marcia Rosberg, Paintings,Oils, Acrylic, Pastel,

Rosies Wonders Connections Cards, Rosie Schulick, Inspirational Greeting Connection Cards

*Ross Sheehan Studio, Ross Sheehan, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Mixed Media.

Shane Harris Fine Art, Shane Harris, Vermont Landscape Oil Painting

Shattuck Studio and Gallery, Carolyn Shattuck, Mixed Media, Artist's Books, Printmaking

*Stacy Harshman Art, Stacy Harshman, Nature Inspired, Mixed Media Painting

Stephen Beattie Photography, Stephen Beattie, Fine Art Nature Photography

*Sweet Enemy Art, Kristin Richland, Illustrative Painting, Fantastic Animals

*Valerie Takvorian, Abstract Acrylic Landscape Paintings

Teal Emlyn Illustration, Teal Sallen, Fine Art and Illustration

*Tracey J Hambleton, Tracey Hambleton, Plein Air Oil Painting

*Trillium Art & Beyond, Yinglei Zhang, Traditional Chinese Ink Painting

True Water Gallery, Molly Hawley, Portraits, Landscapes, Abstracts, Multimedia

VanNatta Gallery, Lynn VanNatta, Oil Paintings, Animal Portraits

*Vermont Landscape Art, Nancy Calicchio, Plein Air Oil Paintings, Landscapes

Robert Wallace, Photography, Landscapes, Astral Photographs

*The Watercolor Coach, Jo MacKenzie, Watercolor Painting Support and Instruction

Marian Willmott, Monoprints, Oil Paintings, Web Design

*Kim Eng Yeo, Watercolors, florals, still life and landscapes.