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work by Vermont Crafts Council Member Bill Ramage

A Vreman Studio, Anna Vreman, Water Media Paintings

Julie Y. Baker Albright, Oil Paintings, Classical Realism

*Alice Eckles Studio, Alice Eckles, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography

*Allen Hill Press, Jeanne Amato, Woodblock Prints, Solarplate Etchings

Angie Follensbee-Hall, Angie Follensbee-Hall, Mixed Media, Hand Papermaking

The Artful Pauper, Howard Nelson Riley, Folk Art, Handmade Frames

*Ashley Wolff Art, Ashley Wolff, Author Illustrator, Painter Teacher

Basin Reclaimed, Molly Hornbeck Jesse Bilodeau, Recycled Mixed Media Art

Alexandra Bottinelli, Collage, Assemblage, Color Field Paintings

Bryn Meadow Studio, Elysabethe James, Watercolors of Farm Life Action

Cat Illustrates, Cathy Pratt, Watercolors, Prints, Cards

*Catherine Hall Artist, Catherine Hall, Painting, Mixed Media, Abstract, Encaustic

Center for Digital Art, Michel Moyse, Art and Video Art

Gene Childers, Whimsical, Colorful, Imaginative Assemblage

Claire Payne Studios, Claire Payne, Fine Arts Studio

*Clare Sullivan Adams, Clare Adams, Oil Paintings, Block Prints, Glass Paintings

Patricia Corcoran, Acrylic Landscape Paintings

*Joan Curtis, Mixed Media Artwork

*Daryl V. Storrs Artworks, Daryl Storrs, Jewelry, Woodcuts and Pastels

*das tujo, Ed Oechslie, Paintings in Several Mediums

Deborah Barnwell, Deborah Barnwell, Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Abstraction

*Deborah Holmes Watercolors, Deborah Holmes, Landscape Watercolors and Giclee Prints

The Den, Jenni Belotserkovsky, Unique Paintings, Drawings, Artistry

*Dove In The Window, Alexis Kyriak, Paintings, Drawings, Pastels

*Ellen W. Questel, Ellen Questel, Lyrical, Evocative, Pastel Landscapes

*Fiona Cooper Fenwick Studio / Gallery, Fiona Cooper Fenwick, Pastel and Oil Paintings

Kate Follett, Far Flung Landscape Paintings

Fran Bull Studio, Fran Bull, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing

*The Gallery at Six, Edward Loedding, Digitally Created Art Prints

*The Garage Cultural Center, Jodi Kelly, Educate, Create, Inspire

Ginny Joyner, Ginny Joyner, Illustrations, Watercolors, Prints, Classes

Go Figure!, Christine Holzschuh, Colorful Contemporary Oil Painting

Great and Small Creations, Nancy Schade, Bronze Sculptures, Paintings, Prints

Green Mountain Photography Exhibit, Gary Eckhart, Exhibit of All Types of Photographs

Greg Moschetti, Painter, Greg Moschetti, Original Landscape Oil Paintings

Harald Aksdal, Harald Aksdal, Detailed Landscapes in Watercolor and Ink

Hasso Ewing, Clay Artist, Hasso Ewing, Ceramic Sculpture

Imagenie Studios, Paula Garber, Magical Realism Paintings

Ink in The Blood Press, Rhonda Ratray, Printmaking, Screenprint, Stencil, Letterpress

*Jeannie Podolak, Jeannie Podolak, Printmaking, Works on Paper

*Jen Violette, Jennifer Violette, Expressive Acrylic Landscape Paintings

*Jessica Scriver Studio, Jessica Scriver, Paintings Off the Map

*John Lehet Fine Photography, John Lehet, Archival Fine Art Photographs

Kathy Stark, Kathy Stark, Contemporary Paintings, Color Poems

*Katrina Allen Art, Katrina Allen, Colorful, Nature-inspired Impressionist Paintings

Sally Jenne Keefe, Original Drawings, Prints and Cards

Ken Leslie, Ken Leslie, Artist's Books and Paintings

Lisa Kent, Hand painted Ceramics, Pastel Paintings

Kevin Donegan Sculpture Studio, Kevin Donegan, Sculpture in Mixed Media

Krinshaw Studios, Vanessa Compton, Surreal Collages, Western Fashion

Laughing Lizard Studio, Jen Wiechers, Paintings, Sterling Silver Jewelry

*Lesley Heathcote Studio, Lesley Heathcote, Pastels of Birds, Animals, Landscapes

Linda Marcille - Crow House Studio, Linda Marcille, Paintings on Silk, Prints, Scarves

Longina Smolinski, Longina Smolinski, Paintings, Sculpture Installation, Jewelry

M Schwartz Arts, Mary Schwartz, Traditional Paintings in Egg Tempera

*M. Syme, Marilyn Syme, Whiteline Woodcut, Original Prints

Marcie Scudder Studios, Marcie Scudder, Art Photography, Artist Books

Mary Fran Lloyd Art, Mary Fran Lloyd, Vermont Abstract Art

Mary Krause, Mary Krause, Oil Painting, Landscapes, Still Life

*Jean Carlson Masseau, Illustrations, Watercolors, Drawing, Photography

Bill Matuszeski, Acrylic Landscapes

May Day Studio, Kelly McMahon, Letterpress, Bookbinding, Relief Printmaking

McBride & Rosser Studio, Robert McBride, Phyllis Rosser, Dynamic Abstract Paintings and Sculpture

Ann McFarren, Paintings - Oil and Watercolor

Merwin Gallery, Tom Merwin, Landscape-based, Contemporary Abstract Paintings

MF Paintings, Madeleine Fay, Paintings, Oil, Watercolor, Pastel

Mike Mayone Fine Art, Mike Mayone, Paintings, Prints, Cards and Lessons

Mareva Millarc, Abstract Paintings

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery, Gary Eckhart, Watercolors, Photography, Giclees, Gallery

Mt Anthony Studio, Jean A Darmer, Theorem Painting, American Period Art

Myklebust + Sears, Andrea Myklebust, Sculpture, Public Art, Fibers

Myklebust + Sears, Stanton Sears, Sculpture, Public Art, Fibers

*Paul McMillan Paintings, Paul McMillan, Fine Art Oil Paintings

*Peter Huntoon Vermont Artist, Peter Huntoon, Water Media and Oil Paintings

Pika Works, Joan MacKenzie, Whimsical Animals, Colorful Paintings

*Carrie Pill, Colorful Vermont Life Oil Paintings

Precision Studio, Theresa Somerset, Egg Art, Pysanky Techniques

Mary Procter, Acrylic Landscapes

Jerry Ralya, Pastels, Nudes, Classical Chiaroscuro

Bill Ramage, Life Sized Drawings, Pencil and Mixed Media

*Raven's Nest Studio and Gallery, Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams, Original Watercolors, Pastels, Oils

*Renee Bouchard Painter, Renee Bouchard, Painting Abstract Landscape Colorist

Robert Gold, Robert Gold, Merging Digital and Painterly

*Robert Linde, Artist, Robert Linde, Pastels, Found Object Workshop

Robert O'Brien Watercolors, Robert J. O'Brien AWS, Watercolor Paintings, Landscapes, Flowers

*Roosevelt Fine Art, Michael Roosevelt, Limited Edition Prints, Conservation, Appraisals

*Marcia Rosberg, Paintings, Oils, Acrylic, Pastel,

*Russ Hurlburt Photography, Russ Hurlburt, Photography; Landscape, Travel, Portraiture

Brigette Rutenberg, Painting, Works on Paper, Sculpture

Karen Seward, Paintings, Oil, Watercolors, Pastels

*Shattuck Studio and Gallery, Carolyn Shattuck, Mixed Media, Artist's Books, Printmaking

*Sheryl Steiger Young, Sheryl Lafazan, Fine Line Nature Etchings

*Sweet Enemy Art, Kristin Richland, Illustrative Painting, Fantastic Animals

*Thirsty Earth Creations, Lynn Furno, Alcohol Ink and Ecoprints

Tim Mahurin Studio, Tim Mahurin

*Tobin Fine Art, Eric Tobin, Vermont Landscapes in Oil

*Trillium Art & Beyond, Yinglei Zhang, Traditional Chinese Ink Painting

*Trine Wilson Photography, Trine Wilson, Photographic Images

True Water Gallery, Molly Hawley, Portraits, Landscapes, Abstracts, Multimedia

*Utiger Fine Art, David Utiger, Imagined New England Landscapes

*VanNatta Gallery, Lynn VanNatta, Oil Paintings, Animal Portraits

Vermont Fine Art, Christina Lesperance, Painting, Photography and Sculpture

Vermont Gallery of Folk Art, Warren Kimble, American Folk Art

Wander On Words, Colleen Wilcox, Hand-lettered Art, Graphic Design, Photography

WaterMusicArt Studios, Scott J. Morgan, Abstract Painting, Canvas and Guitars

Westminster Studios, Liz Guzynski, Paintings, Animal, Botanical, Whimsical

Phil Whitman, Drawings, Paintings

Windrush Design Studio, Ruth Anne Barker, Watercolors and Mixed Media on Paper

*Kim Eng Yeo, Watercolors, Flowers, Still Life and Landscapes