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77ART, Bill Ramage

A Vreman Studio, Anna Vreman

Julie Y. Baker Albright

The Alley Gallery, Bill Ramage

Angie Follensbee-Hall, Angie Follensbee-Hall

Annie Tiberio Photography, Annie Tiberio

*Louise Arnold, Arnold Text 2012

*The Art of Mylissa Kowalski, Mylissa Kowalski Davis, Kowalski Davis Text 2018

The Artful Pauper, Howard Nelson Riley

B & G Gallery, Bill Ramage

Basin Reclaimed, Molly Hornbeck Jesse Bilodeau

Alexandra Bottinelli

Cat Illustrates, Cathy Pratt

Center for Digital Art, Michel Moyse

Gene Childers

Claire Payne Studios, Claire Payne

Clare Sullivan Adams, Clare Adams

Patricia Corcoran

*Joan Curtis, Curtis Text 2017

*Daryl V. Storrs Artworks, Daryl Storrs, Storrs Text 2016

*Deborah Holmes Watercolors, Deborah Holmes, Holmes Text 2018

The Den, Jenni Belotserkovsky

*Helen Dillon, Dillon Text 2016

*Dove In The Window, Alexis Kyriak

Joan Drew

*Ellen W. Questel, Ellen Questel, Questel Text 2016

*Fiona Cooper Fenwick Studio / Gallery, Fiona Cooper Fenwick, Fenwick Text 2016

Kate Follett

Fran Bull Studio, Fran Bull

*The Garage Cultural Center, Jodi Kelly, Garage Text 2019

Go Figure!, Christine Holzschuh

Great and Small Creations, Nancy Schade

Green Mountain Photography Exhibit, Gary Eckhart

Greg Moschetti, Painter, Greg Moschetti

Imagenie Studios, Paula Garber

*Jen Violette, Jennifer Violette, Violette Painting Text 2014

*Jessica Scriver Studio, Jessica Scriver, Scriver Text 2017

*John Lehet Fine Photography, John Lehet, lehet text 2014

Katherine Carleton Fine Arts Studio, Katherine Carleton

Kathy Stark, Kathy Stark

Sally Jenne Keefe

Lisa Kent

Kevin Donegan Sculpture Studio, Kevin Donegan

Kimberlee Forney, Kimberlee Forney

Krinshaw Studios, Vanessa Compton

L G Mansfield Artworks, Lisa Stickney

Laughing Lizard Studio, Jen Wiechers

*Lesley Heathcote Studio, Lesley Heathcote, Heathcote Text 2018

M Schwartz Arts, Mary Schwartz

Marcie Scudder Studios, Marcie Scudder

Mary Fran Lloyd Art, Mary Fran Lloyd

Mary Krause, Mary Krause

*Jean Carlson Masseau, Masseau Text 2018

Bill Matuszeski

May Day Studio, Kelly McMahon

McBride & Rosser Studio, Robert McBride, Phyllis Rosser

Ann McFarren

Merwin Gallery, Tom Merwin

MF Paintings, Madeleine Fay

Mike Mayone Fine Art, Mike Mayone

Mareva Millarc

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery, Gary Eckhart

*Namaya Productions, T Namaya, Namaya Text 2018

Jayne Ollin

The Opera House Gallery, Bill Ramage

Peter Huntoon Vermont Artist, Peter Huntoon

Pika Works, Joan MacKenzie

*Carrie Pill, Pill Text 2019

Precision Studio, Theresa Somerset

Mary Procter

Jerry Ralya

*Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams, Ravenhorst-Adams Text 2010

*Renee Bouchard Painter, Renee Bouchard, Painting Abstract Landscape Colorist

Robert Gold, Robert Gold

Robert O'Brien Watercolors, Robert J. O'Brien AWS

Rock River Studio, Christine Triebert

*Roosevelt Fine Art, Michael Roosevelt, MRoosevelt text

*Marcia Rosberg, Rosberg Text 2017

Brigette Rutenberg

*Roger Sandes, Sandes Text 2015

Karen Seward

Shattuck Studio and Gallery, Carolyn Shattuck

*Sweet Enemy Art, Kristin Richland, Richland Text 2017

*Trillium Art & Beyond, Yinglei Zhang, Zhang Text 2012

True Water Gallery, Molly Hawley

Vermont Gallery of Folk Art, Warren Kimble

Wander On Words, Colleen Wilcox

WaterMusicArt Studios, Scott J. Morgan

Westminster Studios, Liz Guzynski

Phil Whitman

Windrush Design Studio, Ruth Anne Barker

*Kim Eng Yeo, KYeo Text 2017