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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN to individuals, businesses, galleries, and organizations that maintain residence in Vermont and are visual arts related. The annual member fee is $75 This works out to be $6.25 a month.

Membership benefits include:

  • A web page with an image and contact information including links to social media accounts, on our website.
  • The opportunity to register for our Open Studio Weekend (non-members may not participate in OSW).
  • Admission to our Spring Arts Marketing Conference - a $65 value.

  • Additional Member Web Listings -You may add a second listing for an additional $20. Each listing will have its own page on the VCC Web Site and must be related in one of the following ways to the first listing. You can split a six image enhanced page over these two listings, see below under Picture Options.

  • One Craftsperson/Artist working in two media.
  • Two Crafts/Arts businesses, same address.
  • Crafts/Arts business with separate gallery listing.


    Our website has two main audiences.

    The Public - It provides information about our members and the visual arts community. This includes Open Studio maps and directions.

    Visual Arts Community - It provides information, application forms and payment options (including PayPal) for our programs.


    An image of your work will appear on your member page and in the gallery section of your media category and include 25 words about your work.

    Links to your Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or Pinterest accounts may also appear on your member page.

    Member pages have your business name, address, phone, links to your e-mail, your blog, and website.

    If you are a visual artist, your member page will be posted in the media category that you choose.

    If you are a teaching artist, your member page will be posted on the EDUCATION category page in addition to your member page.

    If you are a gallery, your member page will be posted on the GALLERY category page.


    NEW - Six Image Enhanced Page - $100 Additional charge. Six images, captions and 100 words of text appear on your member page. A small version of the images will also load in the gallery section and in the Open Studio county section. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images will open your member page where all six larger images, captions and text will be shown. The fee above is an annual fee. Images can be changed at any time.

    Covid-19 Edition



    Spring Open Studio Weekend - May 29 & 30. Fall Open Studio October 2 & 3 Vermont visual artists and craftspeople, galleries, and educational sites may participate. Authenticity and quality are at the heart of the event.

    Participant Requirements

  • Be present in the studio for the entire designated time
  • Follow Covid-19 safety guidelines regarding masks, sanitizing, and social distancing.
  • Distribute promotional materials including maps, posters, rack cards and signs
  • Create personal promotion, postcards, social media posts, personal invitation, etc.

  • What We Will Do

    Print and Distribute, wayfinder yellow signs and posters
    Promote Open Studio through posts on Facebook and Instagram
    Create an online map with Open Studio locations

    Social Media Support and Tips for Open Studio Registrants

    In the weeks before Open Studio, we send emails to participants containing tips for creating a successful Open Studio event. There is a Participant Resources section on our website with more information that can be accessed any time. We post to Instagram and Facebook frequently.

    Two Types of Online Maps

    County maps and individual directions are available in a separate part of our website, and can be downloaded as pdfs. We create a google map of all participants that can be used to make local area maps.

    Fees - $130 plus Membership (see back page for details)

    Registrants Receive

  • A map number and marker on the map
  • A listing in the directions section
  • A listing in the index with personal website
  • Signs, posters, and maps

  • NEW Guest - $65 plus Membership

  • You will share the host's map number
  • A listing in the directions section
  • A listing in the index with personal website
  • Signs, posters, and maps

  • Important Notes:

    a. Only members can register for Open Studio Weekend.

    b. In order to be a "guest" the host site must be registered for Open Studio. Example - You can't be a guest at a farmer's market, in a restaurant, in a library.

    c. As a participant, you are responsible for getting Open Studio maps, posters and signs from someone in your area or from a distribution site, though we try to organize this for local groups.

    d. If you withdraw –Please contact us as soon as you suspect you have a conflict. Depending on the timing, you may get a credit for another Open Studio event.

    e. If we cancel BOTH virtual and in person events, we will refund all Open Studio fees (not member fees) except for a $30 administrative fee.