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Fall Open Studio will be October 14 & 15

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    A. Are you a past Open Studio Participant?

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  • Was your location on the map correct?
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  • If yes, do you have changes to the directions we used?

  • In which event did you participate last?

  • B. New Participant - Directions Submission Guidelines

    Please type directions below, to your site from a major road or town.



  • 7. OPTIONAL AD in the Vermont Studio Tour Map? Which size below?

    Make your studio stand out by placing an ad (optional) in the Vermont Open Studio Tour Guide! We will place your ad in or as near as possible to your County section. E-mail ad to

    Please read the following and check the checkbox below to indicate your understanding and agreement with these expectations (please contact us with questions or concerns).
    1. You, or your qualified representative, should be in your studio or gallery during the Open Studio Weekend from 10:00 to 5:00.

    2. Education of the public through explanation, exhibition or demonstration of processes and materials is a required element of all participant sites in this event with the exception of galleries.

    3. If you are applying as a gallery, you agree to showcase the work of Vermont artists or craftspeople during the weekend.

    4. You will use Open Studio yellow signs for yourself only and for the event in which you are registered. You agree not to give any signs to those not registered for the event.

    5. Although we promote the overall Open Studio Weekend in press releases, social media and advertising, we expect you to promote your own open studios individually as well. Participants should plan to put up the posters we provide, work to promote their clusters, tailor the VCC press release to their own studio tour and send it to local papers, and cross-promote their tour and others on social media.

    6. In order to keep costs down, we distribute Open Studio maps, posters, and signs through a grass roots network usually coordinating with the Open Studio Seminar. Every participant is required to pick up or otherwise arrange to get materials from the local coordinator (we will let you know who that is) or from the VCC office in Montpelier at 104 Main St. If you can't do this, we can ship them but you must bear the cost of shipping ($15 - $25).

  • I understand and will abide by these expectations:

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