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Ten Ways to Plan Your Open Studio Tour

One of the best things about Open Studio is that you can easily put together a tour to match the interests of you and your companions. Here are 10 ideas to help you create a great studio tour experience. And don't forget to look for the Yellow Open Studio signs!

1. Pick A Place! Let Open Studio Weekend be the spark to get out and explore places in Vermont that you have always wanted to visit. Check the guide for studios in that area and hit the road!

2. Visit A Village! Choose a classic Vermont village as your destination and combine studio visits with a stop at the General Store, the Creemee stand, the local diner, or the historical society.

3. Drive on Dirt! Some of the most beautiful places in Vermont are at the end of dirt roads, which is why artists choose to live there. Be adventurous. Let the yellow signs guide you to the out-of-the-way spots and experience the real Vermontclassic New England farmhouses and barns, hidden villages, stonewalls, streams, waterfalls and spectacular gardens.

4. Ask An Artist! While visiting a studio, ask for suggestions of special things to see and do in the area. Locals ALWAYS know the best places.

5. Meet Your Medium! Have you always dreamed of being an artist? Seek out specific mediums like woodworking, watercolors or jewelry.

6. Choose a Cluster! Have a couple of hours? Check the map for a high-density cluster of studios and see as many as you are able.

7. Keep It Local! Visit studios close to your home or vacation spot. Artists are EVERYWHERE in Vermont, even right around the corner. Your next-door neighbor just might be a world-famous artist!

8. Find the Familiar! Visit artists whose work you know and love. Seeing their workplace, watching them work, and talking with them will give you new insight and appreciation for their work.

9. Notice the New! Visit artists who are new to you but whose work sounds intriguing. Explore mediums and techniques you know nothing about.

10. Go With The Guide! Study the map and the listings. Explore the possibilities. Let inspiration strike! Go where your heart leads!

Look for the Vermont Open Studio guides at Vermont rest stops, tourist information areas and galleries across the state. Or contact the Vermont Crafts Council at 802-223-3380 or An online version of the guide can be found at

The Vermont Crafts Council is a non-profit organization serving the Vermont visual arts community. VCC launched Open Studio Weekend in 1993 to increase the visibility of artists and craftspeople in Vermont and to foster an appreciation for the creative process and the role that artists and craftspeople play in the vitality of Vermont's communities.

Open Studio Weekend is supported by the galleries of Vermont State Craft Centers and by the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

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